Argent Constructions prides themselves on putting their heart and soul into building quality developments since it first began operating in 1975.

We have won the coveted title of the state’s Spec Home of the Year in the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016 HIA CSR Awards.

In 2009 we were recognized for the house and landscaping design of the winning spec home “The Grange”, in 2010 it was “The Focus” which caught the judges’ eyes.

In 2011, "Cobblestone" was recognised for attention to detail.

In 2013, "DeGaris" captured the Judges attention and was recognised for stunning features.

In 2016, "Stella" was notable for its unique design.

Please browse through our gallery and current plans to view these beautiful homes.

HIA-CSR Spec Home of the Year 2009 (12 Patricia Court)

Judges comments: “This well appointed contemporary home is a worthy recipient for this award. Strong planning, good use of natural light, integration of recycled materials and a pleasant ambience all combine to achieve a residence that is exceptional value and accessible to many.”

HIA-CSR Spec Home of the Year 2010 (3 Patricia Court)

Judges comments: “A well planned, well designed and well executed home that also shows modern sophistication. Recycled timber has been used to manufacture handcrafted doors which open to the formal entry. A charismatic statement is made with the luxurious ensuite and bathroom which features marble columns and textured tiling.”

HIA-CSR Spec Home of the Year 2011 (22 Cobblestone Court)

Judges comments: "Not a stone has been left unturned. It's nice to get a chance to appreciate a perfect home. Innovation, sustainability, quality workmanship were all incorporated to the highest order. An outstanding project." 

HIA-CSR Spec Home of the Year 2013 (19 DeGaris Street)

Judges comments: "This home showcases outstading attention to detail and a creative use of recycled mateials. This impeccable home was truly handcrafted."

HIA-CSR Spec Home of the Year 2016 (17 Stella Place)

Judges comments: "An inspiring design achieving views from many habitable areas. The builder had an innovative use of technology and environmental suistainability."




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